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cPanel Storage Hosting

...  Space 250 GB 100 GB Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Monthly Price 2000 L.E. 1000 L.E. Yearly Price 20000 L.E. 10000 L.E. Domains Unlimited Unlimited SSL inlcuded Free Free Web ...

cPanel Business Hosting

...  L.E. Yearly Price 5000 L.E. 4000 L.E. 3500 L.E. Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited SSL inlcuded Free Free Free Web ...

ASP Small Business Hosting

...  of Web Sites 1 1 Files Unlimited Unlimited e-mail Accounts Unlimited Unlimited e-mail Aliases & ...  to 4.5 Up to 4.5 FTP Accounts Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Password Protected ...

ASP Business Hosting

...  inlcuded Free Free Free Files Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited e-mail ...  4.5 up to 4.5 FTP Accounts Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Password Protected ...

WordPress Hosting

...  and Secure with all other Linux/cPanel features Unlimited e-mails / Sub-domains / Databases and more See cPanel Hosting package Now includes all ... Domain Registeration

...  move your business to the Egyptian name and get it with ( Unlimited e-mails , support POP3, IMAP, SMTP ) and you will be able to make Unlimited sub-domains ( ) , also you will be able to choose ...


...  to control your website. Linux Hosting Packages Support (Unlimited e-mails accounts , Unlimited emails Aliases and ...  emails Aliases and forwards, SMTP, IMAP, Unlimited Subdomains, FTP Account, … and more features ) Windows Hosting Packages ...

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