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Use the WebDisk interface to manage your Web Disk accounts. The Web Disk utility allows you to manage and manipulate files on your server in multiple types of interfaces (for example, your computer, mobile device, or certain types of software). You can use a more-familiar interface to easily complete file management tasks.

Main Web Disk Account

By default, the system creates a WebDisk account for your cPanel account, and sets your home directory as the WebDisk location. This account uses the same login information as your cPanel account and can access all of the files in your home directory. You cannot delete this WebDisk account.

  • To access this account’s files, click Access WebDisk.
  • If you use Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8, click Enable Digest Authentication to enable Digest Authentication, or click Disable Digest Authentication to disable it. For more information, read the WebDisk and Digest Authentication section below.

Create an Additional WebDisk Account

To create an additional WebDisk account, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the desired account information in the available text boxes.
    • When you enter a username, you can select a domain or subdomain from the menu if your account includes more than one domain or subdomain.
    • Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes.
  2. Select a Permissions setting:
    • Read-Write— This setting grants this account access to all of the operations inside the directory.
    • Read-Only— This setting only grants this account access to read, download, and list the files inside the directory.
  3. If you use Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8, select the Enable Digest Authentication
  4. Click Create. A new interface will appear.
    • To return to the main interface, click Go Back.
    • To navigate to setup instructions for your new WebDisk account, click Access WebDisk.

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